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Tier 3 markets are emerging as the new focal points for businesses seeking growth. With their untapped potential and promising opportunities, these markets offer an exciting playground for expansion. However, realising success in these regions demands a well-thought-out strategy, and at the core of this strategy lies the transformational power of shipping automation.

So, here we are with the most effective tips for choosing the best shipping automation solution in Tier 3 markets! These tips will be the guiding light for businesses aiming to conquer these markets through the implementation of effective shipping automation

Tips for Choosing the Best Shipping Automation Solutions – 

tips for choosing best shipping automation solutions

1. Maximum Pin Code Accessibility

Tier 3 markets have their unique charm, but they can look like a puzzle for brands that don’t have an efficient shipping automation solution. Our first tip for choosing the best shipping automation solution for the tier 3 market revolves around it!

One of the factors that you should consider while selecting a shipping automation solution is that it should offer a comprehensive network covering a multitude of pin codes. The wider your reach, the more your brand can enchant those lesser-explored regions. From remote villages to bustling towns, ensure your solution can connect every dot on the map.

2. Seamless Order Fulfilment Process

In Tier 3 markets, the key to triumph lies in a flawless order fulfilment process. This process transcends mere product delivery; it is about curating an unforgettable customer experience.

From the moment an order is placed to the instant a shipping label is generated, the process should flow as effortlessly as it can. Furthermore, you should go for a solution that offers auto-allocation of carriers based on the fastest delivery to a pin code, cheapest carrier options, best delivery providers, etc. 

Just as a maestro ensures every note blends harmoniously, your shipping automation should guarantee that each order is orchestrated with precision. A seamless process not only elevates efficiency but also helps in delivering a smooth customer experience, as you can impress customers with on-time or early delivery.

3. Earliest Delivery Option

When considering the best shipping automation solution for Tier 3 markets, it’s crucial to factor in an “Earliest Delivery Option.” Customers are always keen on early delivery and are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers the same.

Today, shipping automation companies provide features like next-day delivery or 2-day delivery choices. With early delivery options, brands can actually offer a flawless and smooth post-purchase experience to customers.

4. AI-driven Tracking & Notifications

Transparency and timely updates about the order are something modern customers expect from all brands, no matter whether they live in Tier 2 or 3. In the realm of e-commerce, where sellers and buyers often stand separated by distances, providing real-time updates becomes the cornerstone of this transparency. Thus, let’s take you through the next on our list of tips for choosing the best shipping automation solution.

In today’s landscape, customers anticipate staying in perfect sync with their purchases, tracking orders with real-time updates spanning from dispatch to delivery. Moreover, timely notifications in harmony with these expectations fashion a symphony of trust. Each notification, seamlessly aligned with the customer’s journey, transforms a routine transaction into a delightful post-purchase customer experience.

5. Automates the Returns/Exchange Process

Returns are an integral part of e-commerce, and in Tier 3 markets, brands should focus more on it. The main spotlight should be on the returns process. Thus, the next tip for choosing the best shipping automation solution is that you should offer a shipping automation solution that streamlines the returns process.

A returns process that is intuitive and easy to follow reassures customers and lays the foundation for future purchases. Today, shipping automation solutions offer various services like a one-click exchange, a branded returns page (where you can upsell and cross-sell products), instant refunds, and more. You should opt for a solution that offers it all. In Tier 3 markets, where every facet of customer interaction holds immense value, a comprehensive returns process introduces a note of reliability.

6. Provides Early COD Remittance Feature

India is a cash-rich economy, and people prefer the COD payment method. Therefore, e-commerce brands have to accept COD payments. Now, brands receive COD payments from shipping solutions quite late, and this leads to restrictions on cash flow and disrupted working capital.

Therefore, e-commerce brands have to accept COD payments. Now, brands receive COD payments from shipping solutions quite late, and this leads to restrictions on cash flow and disrupted working capital. 

In short, with our most important tip for choosing the best shipping solution in Tier 3 markets, we would like to highlight the importance of the Early COD Remittance feature. Today, shipping solutions are offering an Early COD remittance feature at nominal charges, and with it, you can receive the amount in 2 days or max 4 days(depending on the plans). The smart tip will be to choose a shipping solution that offers this feature so that the cash keeps flowing and you can easily manage other tasks.

7. Innumerable Integrations

When selecting a shipping automation solution for your business, it’s imperative to choose one that seamlessly integrates with various marketplaces and platforms. An effective shipping solution should act as a bridge between your brand and the multitude of online marketplaces where you showcase your products. 

This e-commerce integration streamlines your operations by consolidating orders from different sources into a centralised system, enabling you to manage everything efficiently. Therefore, a shipping automation solution that harmonises with various marketplaces amplifies your reach, enhances operational efficiency, and elevates customer satisfaction in one orchestrated solution.

8. Customer Support

It’s time for the last and another effective tip for choosing the best shipping automation solution in Tier 3 markets. Go for a solution that has responsive and trustworthy customer support. Read reviews, do a little research, and you’ll know which solutions brands are happy with and are getting incredible results. 

Final Takeaway

Selecting the right shipping automation is the first thing that brands should do while targeting the Tier 3 markets. With these seven tips, you’re armed to choose the perfect automation solution that will elevate your brand to the dazzling heights it deserves. So, go ahead and set sail on this exhilarating journey, and watch your business transform the e-commerce landscape, one automated shipment at a time!

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