GoodFirms Recognizes Unicommerce as One of the Best Order Management Software for Revamping Mundane Business Operations!


May 6, 2021 | Press Release

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Enabling E-commerce sellers to automate their supply chain operations for online and offline business to increase sales & enhance productivity endows Unicommerce as one of the leading order management software at GoodFirms.

Established in 2012, Unicommerce is a market leader in the eCommerce enablement space, for multi-channel, warehouse management, and omnichannel services with 20% of eCommerce volumes processed through the platform. Unicommerce has emerged as one of the most preferred middleware solutions in India, Middle East, South East Asia, and South Asia, managing over 6000 warehouses, processing 300 Mn+ transactions in a year, amounting to US$ 4 Bn+ GMV.

Unicommerce also offers one of the best warehouse management solutions designed to digitize the new-age businesses of today. It helps retail brands to improve productivity and faster product movement leading to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also helps brands to increase sales, furnishes real-time shipping & delivery information resulting in increased order fulfillment and reduced returns.

Unicommerce’s robust supply chain technology solutions have resulted in exponential business growth, & improved unit economics for over 10,000+ global marketplaces & brands across multiple industries such as Fashion (apparel & footwear), FMCG, Pharma, Beauty and Wellness, AgriTech, Home Decor, etc. . Some of the notable clientele of Unicommerce includes Myntra, UrbanCompany, Lakme, Netmeds, Being Human, Jack, and Jones, Vero Moda, Aurelia, PayoAsia, Marico, Vidiwell (TP MENA), GAP, Crocs, etc. 

What Makes Unicommerce Unique?

In today’s high-velocity sales conditions, manufacturers must leverage order management systems to handle purchase and sales orders effectively. The best order management system software can benefit business owners by organizing and automating their order management process and staying ahead of the competition and which Unicommerce’s software does effectively and efficiently.

The below-mentioned features enable Unicommerce to stand uniquely amongst its competitors:

  • Unicommerce’s order management software makes it easy to track and fulfill orders. All business orders, catalog, supplier, and customer data are synced and fully blended into one system.
  • The order management software allows clients to bring sales orders from all their sales channels into a centralized system by creating sales orders from wholesale requests or by automatically adding them via clients’ online sales channels.

In the truancy of an integrated multichannel management software solution, clients have to carry a massive burden of operational cost to maintain inventories and billing for different channels, repositories, order processing and shipping, vendor administration, and customer service management.

Now business owners can bid farewell to time-consuming order creations and tracking methods, disjointed data, and double handling errors with Unicommerce’s order tracking software. One can stay up-to-date with their sales as they happen and get real-time sales data with Unicommerce’s sales reports.

Thus, offering comprehensive features and capabilities for different stages of the order management process, resulting in business growth and immense profitability for businesses in the long run, endowing Unicommerce to lead at GoodFirms as one of the best order management software.

The reviews obtained at GoodFirms confirm the quality services rendered by Unicommerce.

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Unicommerce offers various plans to suit every need of eCommerce sellers, retailers, brands, and businesses. They have standard, professional, and enterprise plans. Each plan offers different features that ensure that business owners have a seamless experience with Unicommerce and that they are getting the total value of Unicommerce’s order management software.

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