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The backpack really is the best way to do grocery shopping. It allows you to reduce the need for paper and plastic bags making it better for the environment. It also gives you a place to store those reusable bags that some stores sell. So here is what to look for and avoid in order to get the best use from your backpack.

Thing to look for:

  • Look for a backpack that has two □compartments. This makes separating you groceries easier. One section for your produce, and dairy. The other for boxed, cans, and Dpre-bagged items.
  • Find a backpack made from a durable material. I like a good thick canvas or even a leather backpack for my grocery shopping. I know that it will last at least two plus years, and it will be easy to clean if I need to.
  • Get a good quality strap. Finding a well cushioned strap means all the difference when you walk those six blocks back from the store. With a bad strap it can feel like six miles.
  • One that is water proof or resistant. I learned that lesson when I got caught in a sudden downpour of rain. The nightmare and heart break I won’t repeat.

Things to avoid:

  • They may look cool, but avoid using the single strap, or odd shape backpack. It limits the amount that you can carry. It also places all the weight on one shoulder and can place you off balance.
  • Avoid using a backpack that is made for another purpose like computers, or documents. It will just break down the backpack faster, and you’ll be replacing it sooner.
  • Avoid using a backpack that has ali of those little pockets. They are great for art supplies, photography, or those long weekend hikes, but will be of no real use in the need of grocery shopping.

Using a backpack that is easily stained is something to avoid. If you must always be cleaning it because of this leaked or that broke and made a mess, then it looses the convince of being a go to backpack for grocery shopping. Once a week is fine to clean your bag, but every other day? That would be a no.

I didn’t place cost on either list because it’s about what you want to spend for your grocery backpack. It’s about how often that you grocery shop, and the amount that you buy each time. Do you shop every day? Then a small backpack would do. Do you shop once a week? Then a larger one would be best. In the end it is you that knows what size to get, because you’re the one doing the shopping. It’s also what you want, or can spend on a grocery backpack that is the ultimate factor. Sometimes buying something inexpensive is best, so do it. It doesn’t mean that you cannot buy another down the road when you have more money, or they go on sale. I have given you the best advice in what to look for in a grocery backpack. Now go find what you need and go shopping.