Enhance your eCommerce Business with South-East Asia’s Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit

Handling surge in demands, delivering right on time, using marketplace or own website to service consumers, keeping the right price range, analyzing product performances, running effective offers and campaigns, strategizing to strengthen customer relationships, etc., are all the most sought after queries eCommerce sellers, retailers and brands have, right before the sales season begins in any part of the world. 

And especially for the South East Asia region, the significant number of shopping events such as Singles’ Day, Cyber Monday, followed by number specific sales days each month like 11.11, and 12.12, etc., can give rise to a lot more such questions and concerns.

But with the help of the right support and expert advice, these sales events can turn into a hugely profitable opportunity for eCommerce businesses and the Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit is being virtually ensembled to achieve this very purpose. 

Bringing together 10+ leading eCommerce marketplaces and service providers, 10+ prominent speakers from around the industry and with the participation of 1000+ sellers, the LIVE virtual summit is going to be your hub for extracting the best strategies and tips to maximize sales this shopping season.

What will the Summit Include?

The Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit will be a 2-day virtual event, to be held on 22nd and 23rd October, from 2 PM to 5 PM SGT. 

Highly experienced and notable individuals will indulge in LIVE talks, discussions and Q&A session with the audiences to answer all their sales season-related queries and enable them to exponentiate their business growth and ultimately simplify their eCommerce selling.

Our esteemed partners will include:

Last Mile Inc | Omnistrada | PayO | Power Commerce 

ValueFirst | Netcore | Sellerapp | Adyogi | Shiprocket

And our speaker panel consists of the biggest names from around the eCommerce industry:

  • Christophe Bacon – Founder & Managing Partner, OmniStrada
  • Alex Aronson – Chief Revenue Officer, Payo
  • Oren Keston – VP of Sales and Business Development, Payo
  • Abhishek Singh – Vice President, ValueFirst
  • Jeff Enrique Sarmiento – Head of Business, Last Mile
  • Hadi Kuncoro – CEO, PowerCommerce Asia
  • Anshuk Aggarwal – Co-founder, AdYogi
  • Gautam Kapoor -Co-founder & COO, Shiprocket
  • Avadhoot Revankar – Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist, Netcore

Agenda & Schedule: Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit

Day 1:

22nd October 2020 | Time: 2 PM – 5 PM SGT 


  1. Jeff Enrique Sarmiento -Head of Business, Last Mile
  2. Christophe Bacon – Founder & Managing Partner, Omnistrada
  3.  Gautam Kapoor – Co-Founder & COO, Shiprocket
  4. Avadhoot Revankar – Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist, Netcore
  5. Anshuk Aggarwal – Co-founder, AdYogi

Day 2:

23rd October 2020 | Time: 2 PM – 5 PM SGT 


  1. Hadi Kuncoro – CEO, PowerCommerce Asis
  2. Alex Aronson – Chief Revenue Officer, Payo
  3. Oren Keston – VP of Sales and Business Development, Payo
  4. Sunitha Sundaran – Customer Success Manager, Sellerapp
  5.  Abhishek Singh – Vice President, ValueFirst

Why should you attend the Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit?

The upcoming sales season is not only crucial from a profitable point of view but will also give a much need normalized feeling to customers in these times.

People have been constantly worried about what all is going on in the world due to the pandemic, but the shopping season will allow them an opportunity to relax, invest in what makes them happy and in turn result in good outcomes for sellers.

All of these factors make it highly important for you as a business to interact and learn from the best in business to be completely ready for what is to come. The summit will equip you with the imperative insights on how to manage your sales while maintaining a strong bond with the customers through new technological mediums, plans and more.

Attending the Biggest eCommerce Festive Shopping Summit will allow you to:

  • Understand the key areas of expertise about various eCommerce players
  • Network around multiple service providers as per your business needs
  • Enhance operational tasks and beam focus on overall profitability
  • Gather up highly effective growth strategies for your eCommerce business
  • Find answers to all your queries related to eCommerce selling 

and much more!!

If you are looking for the right support and are determined to not only scale up your profits this festive season but also streamline your eCommerce business operations in the future, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to grab, that too completely FREE!

Register now for the event and let your business thrive now and in the future!

Click here: https://bit.ly/319IwaT

Author: Archi Bhardwaj
Working as Marketing Associate with India's leading online platform, Unicommerce, supporting ecommerce sellers to process orders and manage inventory online.

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