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In the South East Asia eCommerce market, Philippines has become one of the fastest-growing regions with a diverse consumer base and high-end internet users. 

According to the Statistica reports, the revenue of the Philippines eCommerce market is projected to show an annual growth rate of 16.7% (CAGR 2020 – 2025), leading up to the rise of market volume to US$7,665m by 2025.

With the rapid increase in the number of online shoppers which is expected to grow further up to 47.8% by 2025, the industry is all set to experience a massive boost in sales to the eCommerce sellers, retailers, businesses and to the overall economy of the country.

Opportunities to Sell on Marketplaces & Carts

Local as well as global users browse through the eCommerce arena of the Philippines giving way for small to large eCommerce players to multiply their sales and increase their customer bases.

Apart from this. consumer behaviour has now shifted from making trips to retail outlets to shopping remotely and getting their products delivered right at their doorsteps. 

With an increase in the number of online shoppers, the need to be present everywhere has magnified as well. You can no longer just sell from offline and match the level of competition around you to experience true growth and profits.

Benefits of Selling on Marketplaces & Carts

Being on marketplaces and carts gives your business the chance to double your sales and grow your consumer base. 

Once you have made the shift from selling just offline to now being present online as well, you get to experience some huge advantages. The biggest benefits of selling online include:

1. Lower Costs of Handling – In the absence of paying for physical stores and with low staff requirements, you automatically save a lot when you sell online.

2. Bigger pool of Customers – When you start selling on marketplaces and carts, your products are accessible to a wide range of shoppers, increasing your sales and overall profitability.

3. Data-Driven Operations – Marketplaces allow you to collect data insights about the choices and interests of your customers, helping you plan better sales.

4. Complete Automation – With the automation of operations and lesser dependency on manual efforts, you get more accurate information about your business and experience higher productivity.

Top 8 Marketplaces & Carts in the Philippines

The future of eCommerce in the Philippines is going to be huge and if you plan to expand your online business here, it is necessary for you to start selling on the top marketplaces and carts that have made a mark in the country and are soaring up with a rapidly growing list of shoppers.

#1 Lazada is the most renowned eCommerce marketplace in Philippines with a wide range of products that allows something for everyone and has been a key player in scaling up the online shopping trends in the country.

Lazada has gained immense popularity ever since it began operating in 2011, not only in the Philippines but in other regions of Southeast Asia as well including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam as well.

The platform is the first choice for sellers for a lot of reasons, including their preferred Cash on Delivery (COD) mode of payments that allow the majority of eCommerce businesses in the Philippines the ease to accept payments without relying on banks. 

The huge list of products on the platform with over 300 million SKUs from all shopping categories and with 25.6 million visits each month, Lazada becomes a necessary place for sellers to be present at.

Lazada comes pre-integrated on the Unicommerce platform, enabling your business to begin your successful eCommerce journey right away.

#2 Shopee

Although was launched just 5 years ago, the platform has managed to attract a lot of customers and thousands of sellers on it making it one of the top competitors of Lazada in South East Asia.

Being the most preferred platform for over 15 million shoppers, Shopee has grown big in the region. The platform has a rapidly growing seller base with a catalogue size of over 3 million products from various categories.

In order to be a successful seller on the Shopee, it is necessary to be socially active, maintain good customer feedback and provide highly satisfactory customer service. The platform provides paid ad services but charges 0 fees for listings. 

Shoppee serves in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam with a product range consisting of essential products, apparel, electronics and even pet foods. The platform also allows reselling, making it a more popular online shopping destination.

Unicommerce offers plug and play integration with Shopee, helping your business strive into the eCommerce industry and start selling to the biggest audiences. 

#3 Zalora

Zalora is yet another top eCommerce selling platform in the Philippines that provides a huge platform for apparel and shoe brands to showcase their products to a wide list of shoppers.

The platform is well known to have some of the biggest global names in the fashion industry such as H&M, Adidas, Superdry, Nike., etc be a part of their online marketplace and offers a variety of wearable items right from formal to casual wear. 

At present, Zalora offers over 120000 products and allows Cash on Delivery payment method, as well as free returns, making it easier for sellers to build trust amongst their customers.

The platform as a huge social media following and has also collaborated with the biggest fashion icons in the region such as Isabelle Daza-Semblat, Solenn Heussaff-Bolzico, Georgina Wilson-Burnand and Liz Uy, to curate a label ‘the__edit’ making it a top choice for budding as well as known fashion houses to sell online.

#4 Amazon

Amazon has ventured into the Philippines eCommerce industry as well, and being an international marketplace, it immediately caught the attention of online shoppers in the region as well. 

With the biggest range of almost all kinds of products available on Amazon, it is one of the most visited marketplaces in the region. Amazon FBA has allowed tons of Filipino sellers to showcase their products locally as well as globally, expanding their poll of customers.

The platform has a well-defined product listing guideline that helps new sellers to set up shop easily, and gives them equal exposure with other competitors, driving good sales for them. Apart from this the built-in affiliate program of Amazon FBA provides complete assistance to sellers right from handling their products to shipping them, to even managing their returns. This helps online sellers save huge on inventory management, manpower costs and returns. 

Once you begin your eCommerce journey with Amazon, you can grow seamlessly as it takes care of your audiences, your marketing strategies depending on your budget and a lot more of such highly impactful features to help you boost sales.

#5 eBay

eBay Philippines was brought to the Filipino eCommerce market to help sellers get a well structured and easy to use online platform to sell their products. 

As the platform allows selling new as well as used goods, sellers from all sections could make immense profits with a wide reach within the region and around the globe. 

The platform is very user friendly and all it requires for you to start selling online is to sign up, create your account and make your listings.

eBay serves over 180 million shoppers around the world and you can begin selling without having a company website or full-time resources to manage your promotions. 

With a dedicated Seller Hub, eBay provides complete assistance to sellers and even lets them print their own shipping labels, have knowledge of the best performing products, etc. making it a top choice for new online sellers and homegrown brands.

#6 Shopify

Shopify is well known for its ability to kick start an online business by allowing sellers to create top-notch websites, add products, and more such plugins to tackle crucial operational tasks. 

This fully-hosted platform gives Filipino sellers a free 14-day trial and a completely streamlined experience to enable them to make the switch from their retail business or just start selling online from the first go.

Thousands of eCommerce businesses in the Philippines operate via the online shops created on Shopify and utilize the multi channel selling capabilities. Shopify allows sellers to sell directly on Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, etc making it a one-stop solution.

With features such as 1 click upsell, abandoned cart recovery and with thousands of pre-built templates, the process of creating an online shop becomes very easy for sellers and gives a user-friendly experience to the shoppers.

Shopify’s seamlessly integrated platform with Unicommerce can enable your business the ease to create a strong online presence, increase sales and strengthen customer relations.

Know what all the integration offers: 220+ Ecommerce Integrations 

#7 Magento

Magento is yet another highly trusted and sought after eCommerce platform in the Philippines where sellers can easily start selling online and make good profits.

The platform offers unique and customizable options to create your own website, add as many features you want and a lot many third-party integrations to tackle every aspect of your e-commerce business.

Magento also allows sellers to create personalized marketing promotions, provide recommendations, instant purchases and much more with the use of drag and drop tools to help them serve better to their customers.

#8 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress that serves as an exclusive eCommerce platform for sellers who create their websites via WordPress.

This free plugin offers a variety of options to the sellers including highly customizable features to handle your eCommerce website, thousands of extra plugins to increase performance and create a user-friendly experience.

The platform is very convenient to use and has a lot of shoppers logging in each day to shop for hundreds of products.

Start today, Choose the right platform for your business!

These top 8 marketplaces and carts have been offering the best online selling experience to eCommerce businesses in the Philippines and have built a strong customer base for them.

Multichannel selling can be a little tricky if you do it alone because big exposure to consumers requires faster operational efficiency and better customer experience to achieve profits.

When you sell on any of these big marketplaces and carts, handling your inventory, orders, sales and accounting manually can be a tedious task and may lead up to errors, but with the right multichannel management software, the process can be truly simplified!

Each business has its own requirements and expectations when selling on these platforms and we at Unicommerce bridge the gap between you and the right choice for your business to thrive in the online eCommerce business.

The robust plug and play features of Unicommerce’s Order management Software to any of these 8 marketplaces and carts combined with completely automated operations, in built collaborations with Logistics partners, ERP etc can give your e-commerce business the much-needed boost it requires to increase profitability and enhance the customer experience.

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