Why do Indian E-commerce sellers ask Indians to Shut up and Shop!

Indians love to talk. India has people of all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours. But one thing common among them is that they love to talk and talk some more.

They believe – exchange of thought or information enhances knowledge and helps building strong relationships. In fact, they are more into conversation; particularly while making  buying decisions.

Go to any marketplaces of India. You will find everything there except silence.

That’s why the defeaning silence on Indian e-commerce marketplaces feels so awkward.

Not getting ? Let me do the honor and tell you what I am talking here.

When a buyer enters your “Online Shop” or looks at your products on Online marketplaces, do you know who does the talking on behalf of you ? Your Product Content.

And what if there is no Product content – Its like a shop with no salesperson to attend to customers. No marks for guessing what happens in such situations.

 Exactly. In these online shops without salesperson, Content is your salesperson who will convert the visitor into a buyer.  You might have heard this many times – “Content is  King”. Now you get it, right ?

Product Content – How and How Not

No such thing as Too much

Provide as much information as you can through your product briefs. Customers want to know more about the products that they can’t touch and feel online. Just an image won’t be enough for them to judge what you offer. As said- eyes can’t always see the reality. Things that look good online not necessarily be the same. When it comes to Product content, there is no such thing as too much.

Informative rather than Descriptive

Be informative rather than descriptive while developing content for online products. Clearly mention size, length, quantity, weight etc. Customers want to get confirmed that they are buying the right thing. More information provides better visibility.

More You Hide… the More They Suspect  

If you are selling something that comes with Guarantee or Warrantee cards then clearly mention it in your product description along with the exact duration. It will clear the customer confusion that might become a hindrance in flow of smooth communication between you and your prospects. Electronic goods with high value usually come up with such offers. Don’t hide. Transparency is the basic mantra of success here.

What about Shipping Charges. Be upfront.

There are certain pain points of online buyers. Shipping charges are one of them. Many a time people change their mind at the last moment after looking at shipping charges. While providing product information never forgets to mention separately how much the buyer has to pay as shipping charges. The online portals where shipping charges are not mentioned clearly, people usually avoid them.

Picture is worth Thousand words.

But a few words can change the meaning of the picture.

From pictures, both are very tempting apparel for a fashion concscious woman. But a few words that accompany the Second picture makes it a more appealing buy while the missing words in the First picture unnecessarily makes them hesitant to proceed.

Preparing Content for each and Every Product.

Is it really worth it ?

 Converting visitors into buying is not the only benefit of Product Content. In fact that should be enough to convince you to write product content. But we will give some more solid reasons why you should do it. Do it Right Away.

Google loves it…. (by the way Google rules the web)

Whether you are providing online services or products or both, your customers will come into contact with you only through your content. How ? Google or other such engines will bring them to you. And this is possible only if Google finds enough content about your product to recommend it to searchers.

Social media loves it

Content with product information spreads across social networks, generate powerful word-of-mouth and thus provides exposure to your online existence. People don’t go by advertising while making online buying decisions. If some valuable information comes to them through a friend, they will rely on it more.

While targeting online buyers always remember one thing – they are more demanding in nature and seek as much as information they can get from you. And they can get that information only if you give them. The content or description is the only information for them to get their queries answered regarding your products. You just provide exactly what your customers are looking for, i.e., more information. And half of the job is done.

Your competitors Hate it

Look at product content as one more opportunity to establish your brand. As they say, Brands don’t have to compete to win. They just have to be themselves. Product content not only helps builds customer loyalty, but it also gives your prospective customers parameters to compare your products with other company’s products. And of course, your competitors are going to hate it.

Time for Action – Take out your Appointment book.

Book a slot for Monday Morning – “Get Product Content Written” – High priority Task!

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