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Jul 19, 2021 | E-commerce Event

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The onset of the pandemic last year weakened the roots of the economy. With complete lockdowns happening, businesses were in a complete dilemma about how to boost their sales further. That’s when Unicommerce came up with the idea to inform, educate and empower businesses around the nation about the power of eCommerce and how it can help them climb the ladder of success.  Do you want to align your offline and online sales to give a seamless experience to customers across all the touchpoints? Are you also thinking about ways to automate operations so that you can deliver more numbers?  To answer all of these questions, we are coming back!!

Unicommerce presents to you Saral 2021, India’s #1 virtual mega eCommerce summit on 24th – 25th July 2021, from 11 AM – 3 PM IST.

What is Saral?

Saral, a virtual mega eCommerce summit, has been formed for the entire eCommerce and retail industry with an aim to deliver a unified platform so that all the businesses related queries can be resolved along with the actionable insights to shape a better future for eCommerce. Businesses learned the ways to leverage digital technology, which actually drove their growth exponentially.  After the huge success of the Saral 2020, Unicommerce brings you Saral 2021. The same platform of value-packed sessions and seasoned market leaders with a bigger and better agenda that strives towards expanding their horizons, letting them reach new heights.  The event is set to e-host 28+ industry players along with knowledgeable sessions that’ll shed a light on new-age tools, including omnichannel retail and the D2C e-commerce business model To make it even grander and more magnificent, 5000+ eCommerce Sellers, Brands, and Retailers both MSMEs and enterprises will come together to be a part of the event and share a single panel to gather insights and uncover unlimited opportunities to take their business to a whole new level.

Why is Saral 2021 necessary for your business?

After the second wave of mutated COVID-19, it became even more important to understand the nature of digitalization. Not only do you need to understand the new ways to drive sales but you also need to know the ways to align operations in a manner so that you both have satisfied customers and amplified profit margins. Last year, Saral talked about the ways to make e-commerce selling simplified, but this year the main focus is to go a step further in order to nullify the critical effect of the second wave.  Unicommerce’s Saral 2021 has been crafted with in-depth research and constant brainstorming sessions so that businesses can navigate through the uncertainties that have arisen again post the second wave.  Businesses all around the nation anticipate getting their hands on the solutions that can bring back their operations on track. That’s when Saral 2021 comes into play. The virtual platform diversifies businesses across multiple digital sales channels to increase profitability and boost productivity.  Talking about the sessions, the discussion has been designed in a way so that not even a single of your questions goes unanswered. The best part is that you will directly interact with the pioneers from the eCommerce ecosystem. Moreover, by being a part of Saral 2021, retailers, brands, and eCommerce marketplaces can learn to cope up with the situation of crisis.  The pandemic has totally changed the customers’ behavior. So it is high time for businesses to refine their ways of interacting with the customers, enhance their buying journey. 

What will Saral 2021 include? 

This time, through Saral 2021, we will be talking about the new challenges that have emerged in the last year. It will empower retail brands and e-tailers with deep insights and help them in taking the next step in their eCommerce journey.  The event will comprise unique sessions with panelists from various domains of the eCommerce ecosystem, including Logistics, Growth & Operations Management, Marketing Automation, Finance, CX & Automation, POS, and Payment Gateway.  Some of the main points of focus in the panel discussion will include: 

  • Build your own D2C eCommerce brand successfully
  • Optimize your brand’s social media presence
  • Enhance your customers’ experience by automating the process
  • Integrate offline and online sales channels seamlessly
  • Implementing sustainable and profitable eCommerce operations

Unveiling our Proud Partnership

We have joined hands with the best in the market who can help you redesign your action plan to reach new heights. 

Value-packed Agenda created just for you! (Session-wise agenda details)

Day 1 of the event will feature 4 sessions including: 

SESSION 1  The first session will shed light on “D2C brands evolution: How to win in 2021 and beyond”. Focused on Direct-to-consumer selling, this session will help you understand the strategies aligned with this new-age business model. SESSION 2  The second session will proceed with the theme New-age social commerce strategies: Toolkit to get the maximum ROI from your eCommerce investments”. The session will give you in-depth learning on how to scale your business across social platforms, marketplaces, websites, etc.   SESSION 3  The third session will include industry pioneers discussing the theme “Perfect playbook to embrace digital for a seamless customer experience”. You will get a deep understanding of how to automate your operations while enhancing the experience of your customers.  SESSION 4  The fourth session will talk about “Omnichannel in a post-pandemic world: Present reality or futuristic idea?” Not only will you learn to synchronize your operations, but you will also learn how to integrate all the sales channels together to give the same experience. 

Day 2 will feature 3 sessions including: 

SESSION 5 The fifth session will involve discussion on “Driving excellence in the post-purchase experience: Reduce returns, optimize delivery times, strong fill rates to boost revenue”. As the name suggests, you will explore a way to maximize profits while maintaining sustainable eCommerce operations.  SESSION 6  The sixth session is all about “Scalable eCommerce workflows for budding sellers”. If you are a budding entrepreneur who is thinking about scaling an eCommerce business but don’t know how to, then this session is curated for you.  SESSION 7  The last session of the 2-day event will revolve around “Boundaryless commerce: Best practices for setting up cross border or targeting international markets”. The session will broadly let you expand your offerings to international markets. Can it be any better? With all these influential personalities onboard, you should certainly not miss this incredible chance to be a part of this mega event. Join us to unlock new possibilities for your business right from the comfort of your homes.