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by | Aug 12, 2021 | E-commerce Industry

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The South-East Asian eCommerce audience witnessed its one of its kind, mega webinar on 18th July 2020, that brought together 15+ influential eCommerce experts on a single platform for over 1000 businesses to interact, learn and find out the best solutions for their businesses in order to simplify eCommerce Selling!

Talking about the event, Unicommerce CEO – Kapil Makhija said that “In our initiative to bring the best possible solutions to the entire eCommerce ecosystem and further strengthen the South East Asian eCommerce industry, our webinar ‘eCommerce Boom in SEA’ managed to create a learning ground for sellers, retailers and all of the eCommerce businesses to gain a lot of insights from the leading players on the best practices to build a direct to customer brand, establish growth and adapt the new ways of business”  

With the eCommerce Boom in SEA, the entire eCommerce industry found critical insights and strategies to focus on what all they need to adapt in order to adjust to the new normal of things

 The event was resolved with an unbelievable response from all the attendees and gave way for a better eCommerce tomorrow!

Major Key Pointers of the Webinar

The Webinar furnished highly knowledgeable & result-driven strategies for businesses to focus on the crucial domains of growth and developments. Some of the key deliverables included the understanding of: 

  • Identifying methods to Sell Directly to Customers
  • Finding out the Best Steps to Grow Sales
  • Following Proven Methods to Engage Customers 
  • Learning Top Strategies to adapt Omnichannel

The speakers while sharing their thoughts and experiences, gave out some key takeaways for each business to walk a clear path to success and growth.

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Some of the major tips covered were: 

Namra Nillove – Sr. Manager, Shopify advised businesses to “Adapt the headless commerce approach and leverage ‘online’ as a channel to create growth opportunities for your Brand”

Talking about steps towards building a successful D2C brand, Vamsi Reddy – Country Manager, Deskera stated that “Small businesses must set up an eCommerce presence now more than ever and invest in digital transformation to have a significant advantage for the future”

Anshuk Aggarwal – Co-Founder, Adyogi suggested the audiences to “ Adjust to the new normal of the digital world, shift focus to using the right marketing strategies to scale up

Agus Daud -VP, Shipper, said that “Build a successful D2C product by focusing on customer pain points and what they need”

Concluding the first session. Haren Chelle – Director, Yellow Messenger conveyed his views of “Accommodating AI & other technologies to enable Conversational Commerce as a part of Direct-to-Consumer initiatives will drive growth”

Rachmat Kaimuddin – CEO, Bukalapak, while discussing growth factors for eCommerce businesses, advised the audience to” Onboard technological support for economic activities to focus on adjusting to the new normal” 

Miguel Warren – Regional VP, Payoneer intricately discussed the fact that “ The playing field has been levelled, as digital has democratized the global eCommerce opportunity”

While talking about adapting Omnichannel as the new way to do business, Hadi Kuncoro – CEO, PowerCommerce said “Onboard omnichannel solutions to enable strategical e-commerce integration solutions with decentralized logistics”

Sushil Verma – Director,  New Zealand Post urged the joinees to “Focus on where the opportunities are to create a sustainable source of competitive advantage”

Adding on his views to the discussion, Ram Menon – Director, Sellerapp suggested “Capitalizing new trends, analyzing consumer behaviour and adoption of omnichannel selling would be the way forward to create sustainability”

Sushant Mantry – VP, Zilingo indicated that “The implication of the COVID situation on the supply chain, human capital and inventory management stress upon the enablement of omnichannel in the scenario as the best way to succeed”

Giving some great insights, Sreekanth Chetlur – Head of Digital, Matahari said that “Driving sustainable digital growth will be the new norm industry agnostic”

Saket Jha –  CRO, Netcore explained that “Personalised experience 1:1 throughout the customer life cycle and unified view of offline & online data will help you identify micro-segments”

According to Rajiv Ramanan – Director, Freshworks “Customer experience is not limited to in-house interactions, businesses need to deliver the last mile experience to differentiate and be relevant”

Pranshu Kacholia – VP Business, ClickPost indicated that “Best practices in logistics for eCommerce companies includes minimising shipment delays and enabling best-in-class tracking experience”

The audiences were able to identify their growth areas and mark the pain points to work on in order for their business to move forward and eliminate any more unforeseen issues.

We encouraged the audience to share live feedbacks for each session along with answering some critical questions to help us understand that the webinar was heading in the right direction. 

Questions such as what were the biggest challenges encountered by businesses during COVID-19, which aspect of eCommerce business requires the most amount of work to get back to normal, were presented to the audiences to capture LIVE feedback and to ensure that the webinar could successfully address all their concerns.

In Conclusion

The webinar successfully managed to fulfil its mission of bringing the best possible solutions for all businesses and bring knowledgeable and insightful sessions to all. 

 We at Unicommerce are focused on our aim to bring more such helpful and astute opportunities for the eCommerce businesses to achieve new levels of success and growth.