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In today’s bustling e-commerce landscape, Zalora stands out as a dynamic marketplace for sellers looking to tap into the Philippines’ vibrant fashion market. Its user-friendly platform, robust logistics support, and significant online presence provide an excellent opportunity for fashion and beauty businesses to thrive in the region’s e-commerce ecosystem. With more than 85.16 million individuals in the Philippines having access to the internet, Zalora has a vast, untapped potential for e-commerce.

zalora marketplace in philippines

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your seller account, creating compelling product listings, requirements for a seller, costing and commission, and start earning in the Philippines.

Why Should Your Brand Sell on Zalora?

Many International brands got significant recognition in the Philippines by selling on Zalora, which has made Zalora a hit in the region. Seeing this as an opportunity, new sellers can tap into Zalora’s immersive customer base and make their brand successful in the Philippines. So, before we dive into the “how,” let’s explore the “why.” Why should you consider selling your products on Zalora? 

  • Vast Customer Base: 59 million monthly users
  • Trusted Marketplace: Proven track record of secure transactions and genuine products
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use & one of the biggest fashion app downloads in the Philippines
  • Category Diversity: Having multiple diverse categories
  • Prominent Sales Events: Hosts major sales events throughout the year

why sell on zalora marketplace in philippines

1. Vast Customer Base: With 59 million monthly users, Zalora provides access to a broad audience base, ensuring your brand gets the visibility it deserves. With trend-setting brands like H&M, Calvin Klien, Adidas, Nike. etc. on the platform, huge traffic is attracted to the website. These potential customers searching for trendy fashion and beauty products on Zalora could be your Brand’s opportunity to excel in the marketplace.

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2. Trusted Marketplace: Zalora’s reputation as a trusted e-commerce platform holds significant weight in the Philippines. With a proven track record of secure transactions and genuine products, Zalora offers cash-on-delivery and buy-now-pay-later options across their markets, making it easier for shoppers to buy their favorite brands.

Successful brands like Nike achieved a 73% sales uplift in their launch week and 4x weekly sales for both their 11.11 and 12.12 campaigns, as Zalora’s case study revealed. Just like Nike, the association of your business with Zalora can significantly boost your brand’s credibility and visibility in the Philippines.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Zalora’s intuitive platform is easy to use, making it effortless to navigate in the app and list products without a hassle, creating a seamless in-app experience for IOS and android users for both sellers and customers. This means that customers will easily find what they’re looking for, resulting in repeated visits to the app. Which, in turn, fosters a more sustainable and loyal audience, providing your brand with consistent access to potential customers. Zalora shopping app has been downloaded over 1.77 million times, which has been one of the biggest fashion app downloads in the Philippines.

zalora shopping app download

4. Category Diversity: Sellers have the flexibility to list products across multiple diverse categories, catering to a wide range of consumer interests and needs. Zalora has an extensive range of products for customers to choose from, including brands like Calvin Klein, Adidas, Gap, and many more. Your brand can select from a range of Fashion and Lifestyle categories that align seamlessly with the platform’s core strengths, a fact clearly reflected in its top-selling products.

category on zalora marketplace in philippines

5. Prominent Sales Events: Zalora hosts major sales events like ZALORA Birthday, Big Fashion Sale, Fashion Festival, 11.11 and 12.12 throughout the year, which offers a platform discount up to 90% off. This provides ample opportunities for sellers to boost their sales during peak shopping seasons. These events could be your brand’s opportunity to dominate the fashion and lifestyle market in the Philippines by showcasing your unique products at competitive prices on this trusted marketplace.

Requirements to Set Up Account on Zalora

Legal documentation and business information are crucial to ensure a hassle-free account setup on Zalora. Here are the essential documents you’ll need:

  1. Business License and Registration: Ensure you have your original ID proofs, a valid business license, and registration documents that adhere to all the relevant laws and policies in the Philippines. You must be above 18 years of age during the signing of the contract.
  2. Tax Identification Number (TIN): A Tax Identification Number is essential for tax purposes. It helps Zalora identify your business and ensures that you comply with tax regulations in the country.
  3. Bank Account Information: You’ll need to provide details of the bank account where you’d like to receive payments for your sales on Zalora. This includes the account number and other relevant information for seamless financial transactions.

Having these documents ready and available in digital format will fast-track the process of setting up your seller account on Zalora.

Step-by-Step Guide to Become a Seller on Zalora

  • Visit www.zalora.com
  • Fill out the Form
  • Provide Business Information
  • Upload Required Documentation
  • Set Up Payment Details
  • Start Listing Your Products
  • Manage Inventory and Update Product Pricing

guide to become a seller on zalora in philippines

Step 1: Visit www.zalora.com

Search for “www.zalora.com” in your browser. Scroll down the page and get to the “About Us” section. Click on the “Sell with us” option.

Step 2: Fill out the Form

Fill out the form on your screen and hit submit. After submission, the form is reviewed by Zalora’s Strategic Marketplace advisors. Their response usually does not take more than 7 days. Once approved, you will be notified through an email.

Step 3: Provide Business Information

After approval, log in to your seller account and provide essential information about your business. This includes your company name, contact details, company logo, and a brief description of the products you intend to sell.

Step 4: Upload Required Documentation

Zalora will require certain legal documents for verification purposes. These may include your business license, tax identification, and other relevant certificates. Make sure you have these documents ready in digital format for uploading.

Step 5: Set Up Payment Details

Next, you’ll need to provide your payment information. This includes details on how you’d like to receive payments for your sales.

Step 6: Start Listing Your Products

With your seller account activated, you’re now ready to list your products on Zalora. Head to the Seller Center dashboard and click on the “Add New Product” button to start filling in the details. Remember to provide accurate and detailed information about each product, including high-quality images, clear descriptions, and relevant specifications.

Pro tip: Take your time with product listings and click high-resolution and artistic pictures of your product, as it tends to attract more potential buyers.

Step 7: Manage Inventory and Update Product Pricing

Regularly review and update your product prices based on market trends, competition, and any changes in your costs. Additionally, keep a close eye on your stock levels to ensure that you have an adequate supply to meet customer demand. By staying on top of pricing and stock management, you’ll be well-positioned to meet customer expectations and drive sales.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your seller account on Zalora. Now, you can start showcasing your products to a wide audience in Southeast Asia and start earning.

Cost to Set up shop on Zalora

After the initial sign-up, Zalora’s fee structure comes into play when you start listing your products. They charge a nominal fee for uploading multiple images of a product, with costs varying based on the chosen category. When it comes to commissions, they usually range from 10% to 30%, subject to Zalora’s policies. Further, if a customer returns a product, sellers are charged with an additional fee. Customer cancellations do not affect seller metrics, but the combined cancellation rate of a channel and seller should be less than 5% in order to avoid penalties. It’s crucial to keep these factors in mind to plan your selling strategy effectively.

In conclusion, venturing into the growing Philippines e-commerce market through Zalora presents a golden opportunity for sellers. With a vast customer base across the globe, a user-friendly interface, and diverse category offerings, it’s a platform designed for success. With the right strategies in place and understanding the associated costs, sellers can effectively tap into this dynamic market, opening up new avenues for growth and profitability. So, seize the opportunity today and embark on your journey with Zalora!

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