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Thinking of expanding your business to Southeast Asia? Asian markets have a solid cultural-economic relationship. And it’s a dynamic hub when it comes to the online market. So all you need is to know the right place to sell. In the region, Malaysia is one of the nations that has quickly adapted to technology and has much power and potential in this niche. So, is it the right place to step into? And what will be the right choice of marketplace to begin or expand with. Let’s find out!

We all know how buying anything is just a click away, and the place where the involvement is at its peak is none other than Malaysia. To prove it with facts, it records one of the highest internet penetration rates and the reason behind it is the extensive involvement of the middle class. The question that might come to your mind is, why only Malaysia? The correct answer to it is the marketplaces! Yes, designed with a customer-centric approach and easy-to-use design, it drives the middle class to be involved more on a day-to-day basis hence If I say that Malaysia is experiencing a tremendous e-commerce boom! Then you can definitely consider it as the right place to expand your business. 

It’s a perfect opportunity for you to sell and capitalize on. Make your products available at every touch point. Therefore, out of all the available platforms, selling on the right marketplace is very crucial. Here we have listed the top marketplaces in Malaysia that can be beneficial for you to sell.

Top 6 E-commerce Marketplaces in Malaysia

  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • TikTok Shop
  • Zalora
  • PG Mall
  • Youbeli

top ecommerce marketplaces in malaysia

Let’s dive into the opportunity of online selling, we have prepared the following list of the top marketplaces in Malaysia to get, set, and jual! (sell)

1. Shopee

Shopee, with its powerful ASEAN presence in the sub-continent, is the first one on the list. Why is it the most popular among the sellers in Malaysia? The reason is that you don’t have to pay any registration fee to start selling. Go ahead and list your product with no registration fee, and the commission fee is also waived for the first 99 orders. Take your time to adjust to the marketplace and understand and plan your strategies. It won’t be a hefty expenditure to start selling on Shopee.

why sell on shopee marketplace in malaysia

After registering and listing your product, the next most important thing is to promote it. Convert your ideas into revenues. You may think this would require a lot of money, but it’s not! step right in and make the most out of the attractive marketing deals that Shopee has for you. It even provides a live stream platform to access product-related content and interact directly with the sellers.   Whether it’s the monthly campaigns or building a seller community, it has everything you need to start selling.

If you wish to bifurcate your audience into the invite-only category, then Shopee Mall also lets you create a retail space for that. Hence it not only offers communication with the seller community but also helps you categorize your audience by making a customer community that is central to the shopee and the seller. The customer-centric approach of this marketplace makes it easier for you to compete in the niche market as well. Sounds like a perfect marketplace, right?

Why should you sell on Shopee, here are the numbers:

  • Shipping: Fulfillment by Flashexpress (shopee-supported logistics). Some of the partners are DHL, Ninja Van, J&T Express, and Instant Delivery. 
  • Monthly web visitors: 96.01 Million
  • Top selling categories: Home and Living, Health and Beauty, Food, and Beverage

2. Lazada

The next one we have on this list for you is Lazada! Founded by Rocket Internet in 2012 and with a significant appearance in six countries. It’s the customer’s favorite because of the significant discounts and attractive deals. It reaches a vast and diverse audience, which automatically increases the scope for your business to grow. Another reason to choose this as your platform to sell is the Alibaba group. The top-notch framework of Alibaba Group will benefit you in the most profitable way. 

why sell on lazada marketplace in malaysia

Want to step up your game from local to global?  To be precise, if you are looking for a safer global reach rooted in the local marketplace, then Lazada can be a great start! It offers three types of selling on its platform. If your vision requires you to go beyond the boundaries, then Lazada will provide you with a purple ribbon and a ‘LazGlobal’ tag, and you are good to go to sell internationally! 

We know that these benefits will concern you what if the commission rates are high for this marketplace? Well, for the first three months, you don’t even have to think about paying the commission fee. No matter what category of product you are dealing in. Laza will also offer you an in-house delivery matrix called Lalamove which is an efficient and reliable shipping solution. As this helps to earn customer loyalty, traffic, and exposure, You can easily rely on Lazada for your efficient selling game!

The list of reasons to sell on Lazada is quite significant because we have another thing called Lazcoins. As you start selling on this marketplace, you already have 8000 free seller coins. With this, you can attract more traffic by redeeming the coins based on the cost-per-click model. 

Here is why Lazada is a good platform for you to sell 

  • Shipping: In-house delivery matrix Lalamove and other partners like Ninja Van, Kex Express, Sky Net, Best Express, etc. 
  • Monthly web visitors: 35.1 Million 
  • Top categories: Consumer Electronics, Women’s Fashion, Personal Care 

3. TikTok Shop

If you are looking for a standout platform to sell that keeps up with the trends, TikTok Shop is the place for you. We all know how those trendy short videos keep us tagged along for a long time, and we always see some products that leave us wondering. Searching for them is a big task, but a marketplace like TikTok makes it all easier for the customers as well as for you to sell.

why sell on tiktok shop marketplace in malaysia

TikTok shop allows you and different brands to sell products directly via videos, live streams, and product showcase pages. It will give an insightful experience to you about what the customer wants. It is a good platform that supports local SMEs for e-commerce. If you are one of them, then sell well at TikTok Shop! 

When it comes to a marketplace like this, authenticity becomes a concern from the customer’s perspective. If your product is correct and you don’t want to lose your authenticity game to the fake-money-making vendors who are there for a short while but gain all the profits, then your TikTok shop is a place for you! You can earn an added stamp of authenticity after going through the approval process and become a consistent and authentic seller at the most profitable platform. This step unveils your potential growth. And even the commission fee will be 0% for the time being as you start to sell with no relation to the number of followers. 

Following are the numbers why selling at TikTok is a good choice – 

  • Shipping: TikTok Shop Logistics and some sellers can choose their own shipping carriers 
  • Top Selling Categories:  Skincare, Makeup, and Electronics

4. Zalora

Is your target market people of 25-35 years of age who are fashion enthusiasts? Then Zalora has it all for you. A large part of the audience visiting Zalora is their active customers. Isn’t this a great deal as a fashion seller? Providing authentic luxury products is something that Zalora is trusted by its audience. Hence, it can turn into a successful big shot to get exposure to this platform and compete with the brands to make a statement! 

why sell on zalora marketplace in malaysia

Zalora offers two types of business models for you. It’s your choice which one suits you to make your fashion statement more bold! If you want to deal on the wholesale level, you can give your inventory to Zalora, and then they will sell it to the customers. This includes the operational management and inventory management being performed by Zalora itself. But If this is not what you are looking for, you can function over the marketplace model, which will offer you control over the operations and marketing. According to your needs and requirements, a seller can alter the degree of partnership with Zalora. 

Let’s see why you should choose to sell in Zalora Malaysia – 

  • Shipping: DHL, Ninajavan, 2Go, POS Laju
  • Monthly web visitors: 59 Million
  • Top Selling Categories: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

5. PG Mall

If you are already in Malaysia and your plan is to promote local products and handicrafts. Then, congratulations! Your approach lies with PG Mall and it is the right choice to sell here! PG Mall offers a no-registration model, so listing out your products becomes completely free. Along with this, the transactional fee is also at a lower extreme in comparison to the other marketplaces.

why sell on pg mall marketplace in malaysia

Even if you want to upload your products in bulk, you are making a hassle-free choice by selling at PG mall. With the API services and no cost, bulk uploads are another plus feature of PG Mall. They provide both online and offline marketing campaigns for free. Hence you will save a big crunch here, too!

18 nationwide studios and mega seminars, it not only facilitates selling but also emphasizes networking and community building. Sounds like a great deal, right? 

Let’s see why PG Mall will benefit you as a seller – 

  • Shipping: Easy Parcel, DHL Express, Aftership
  • Monthly Web Visitors: 16.8+ Million 
  • Top Selling Categories: Fashion, Electronics, Home and Living

6. Youbeli

Owned by Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd, Youbeli is one of people’s favorite platforms in Malaysia to shop online. One thing that ensures you for this marketplace is no hidden fee model. You don’t have to worry about those annual fees, and no registration fee will mean no registration fee without any hidden tweaks. Here, transparency is not only for the customers but for you as well, so that you can have an easy going functioning to sell!

why sell on youbeli marketplace in malaysia

A multiple-language system and cross-border trading will inculcate benefits both for you and your customers. So, your potential reaches the best by selling at Youbeli. Another plus point is that you can list your product for free. Adding more to its features for sellers, Youbeli also has a 7-working-day settlement period which solves a lot for the back end and helps to gain trust from the customers. 

With its fixed amount of a 4% commission fee and 2% payment gateway fee, Youbeli brings transparency for you and not just the customers.  As it offers multiple categories, there’s a reasonable probability that it covers your product too. With its amazing deals, Youbeli has a space for you! 

Let’s check out some numbers on why Youbeli is a beneficial marketplace to sell – 

  • Shipping: POS Laju, Sky Net, TNT, Aramex 
  • Monthly web Visitors: 113 Thousand
  • Top selling categories: Babies and Toys, Fashion and Groceries 

Are You Ready to Dive Into Selling Online?

With all the available options of marketplaces, we have listed a few that can be a good start for you and if you are an existing seller, they can provide you with new booming opportunities. The online presence plays a vital role in the success of the selling game along with the marketing strategies, getting to know your target audience and how they are evolving with their needs. 

To keep up with that, your product and service should also be top-notch. There’s a lot to do in this sense as a seller. So why not make some part of selling hassle-free?  A lot from your plate can be taken over by technology, making the functioning smooth and efficient. 

The right provider can manage the warehouse, your inventory, and orders with the power of clicks. As a seller, a lot of time and energy is saved from here then can be invested efficiently in other areas. The customer-centric approach is the new avenger approach of online selling, letting the technology solutions handle things at the backend. Malaysia is a dynamic, growing business potential for sellers, and we wish the best for you. Happy selling!

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