Demystifying Omnichannel: Learn Best Practices to Upscale your eCommerce Business

by | Aug 20, 2020 | D2C E-commerce, E-commerce Event, Omnichannel Retail

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As the eCommerce industry gains prominence post Covid-19, it is becoming imperative to consider it as a part of the core business strategy. But do we understand it fully?

To enable businesses have a complete understanding of all the best possible solutions that can help them grow and scale-up profitability to larger extents, Unicommerce brings yet another unique virtual discussion for demystifying e-commerce with 2 back to back webinars getting experts to talk about best practices of Omnichannel and Direct to Consumer (D2C) E-commerce Platform.

The first webinar focuses on discussing best practices around technology, organization design, execution, metrics etc. when it comes to implementing omnichannel while the second webinar focuses on discussing best practices around product market fit, marketing, culture, marketplaces and many more such topics for building a large Direct to Consumer brand.

Happening on 24th and 25th August with the first day dedicated to Demystifying Omnichannel Best Practices and the complete order of it includes:

Webinar Agenda 

Topic:    Demystifying Omnichannel Best Practices

Timings: 24th August- 3 PM to 4 PM

Brands- Bestseller India, TCNS Clothing, and House of Anita Dongre

Speakers : 

Ranjan Sharma, CIO and Head of SCM, Bestseller

Saurabh Bansal, Head-Omni & Ecommerce, TCNS Clothing

Dipankar Sikdar, Head of E-commerce, HOAD

Why the Need for an Omnichannel Webinar?

As eCommerce businesses are adjusting to the new normal of things, the surge in demands and the increasing need to meet up to customer expectations have given way to new-age technologies shaping the industry. 

Omnichannel Retailing is one such technology solution that is changing the way eCommerce has been operating so far. The seamless management of eCommerce sales across multiple sales channels (marketplaces, own websites, exclusive store outlets, multi-brand store outlets etc.) and the associated positive impact it has on customer experience is making it one of the most sought-after solutions in the current times.

The webinar: Demystifying Omnichannel will help eCommerce businesses understand the best practices to constantly be present at every single platform where your customers exist. 

Being wherever your consumers are, gives you the opportunity to sell across channels and provide a centralized experience to your customers and that is what our esteemed speakers will educate you upon. 

What will the Omnichannel Webinar include?

As Omnichannel Retailing has become a top prerequisite for a sustainable business, our Webinar Demystifying Omnichannel Best Practices is designed to share growth levers and strategies LIVE from a single platform by the biggest Industry Leaders that sellers, retailers and brands can incorporate in order to cope with the shifting methods of doing eCommerce business. 

Apart from this, these webinars will outplay a little differently this time as we are encouraging eCommerce sellers to share their success stories of implementing and working with Omnichannel and or D2C Selling mechanisms.

The best entries done via social media channels in the form of comments will be picked up and the sellers will get a chance to share the screen with leading brands such as Bestseller India, TCNS Clothing, and House of Anita Dongre.

Why be a part of this Omnichannel Webinar?

With the chance for you to feature LIVE in the discussion, the webinar will be focusing on answering some of the major questions by the biggest names in the eCommerce industry such as:

  • What are the top Omnichannel practices that worked for these leading brands in India?
  • What are the key results/outcomes of implementing Omnichannel Strategy that triggered business growth post COVID-19

Attending the webinar will not only allow you to lead by example of these brands but also help you grab highly insightful knowledge about the intricacies of adapting  Omnichannel for your business, ask businesses specific questions from the experts, LIVE in session and have the complete recording of the webinar to rerun at your own time in the future.

So don’t miss out, join us LIVE on 24th August and intensify your business growth with the best Omnichannel practices and strategies at your disposal.